I recently had the pleasure of photographing local grown fruit and vegetables and bread in the making for Edblad.

Edblad’s largest store, is located in the “middle of nowhere” in a small village in Roslagen. (The archipelago north of Stockholm) Beside shopping the destination offers a fabulous restaurant serving local food in season.


The restaurant is run by  Chef Cecilia Wennström and her team. She has a passion for good, honest cooked food. Cecilia’s driving force is to support the many local producers. Every meal is prepared from scratch and is characterized by seasonal ingredients.

Cecilia’s blackberry pie

175 g butter
1 pinch salt
3 tbsp sugar
0,5 tsp baking powder
1,3 cups flour
50 g almond paste

5 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp potato flour
250 g blackberries

Pie dough: Melt the butter and mix in the salt, sugar, baking powder and flour. Push it out in a springform pan, grate the almond paste and sprinkle on top.

Filling: Mix berries with sugar and potato flour. Place in pan and bake at 175 degrees for approximately 25 minutes.

Let cool and serve with whipped cream.


For further information about the restaurant, please visit edblad.com