Gloves on

Lately, I have begun to take an interest in gloves. It feels reassuring to wear gloves when I am in the public space, not least when I go shopping. And I would love to have a selection of gloves in a variety of materials and colours. Not heavy winter gloves, designed to offer protection from sub-zero temperatures and freezing winds, but light gloves to match the season. So I went ‘window shopping’ on Randers Handsker’s website and discovered that, with exceptional timing, they recently introduced antibacterial gloves.

I wrote to Rina Hansen, who took over the esteemed company in 2018:

Your launch of antibacterial gloves is certainly timely. Obviously, this is not something you thought of yesterday, since in that case, they wouldn’t have been ready to launch now. What inspired you to develop this particular series, and do you see new opportunities for this type of product, given the current interest in hygiene?

The beauty of flowers speaks for itself, the vases are sublime.

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About Birkemosegård a 130-hectare biodynamic farm. It is beautifully situated in Sjællands Odde on the north-west tip of the island of Zealand.

Just as the flavour of lemon mousse sends me straight back to my childhood, seeing Grethe Meyer’s design brings back memories of my childhood in the 1960s.


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