Now we can once again visit museums and galleries, something many of us are looking forward to. One exhibition that is reopening is Dorte Østergaard Jakobsen’s exhibition Above and Beneath the Surface at the Gammelgaard art and culture centre.

Last week, Dorte offered me a sneak peek at the exhibition, which at the time was still in lockdown. A very touching, intimate and beautiful sneak peek, followed by an interesting conversation about a wide range of topics, especially about her art.

Lately, I have begun to take an interest in gloves.

The beauty of flowers speaks for itself, the vases are sublime.

When Peter Ødegaard and I met in Copenhagen to photograph the Blossfeldt artworks I asked...

It’s time to talk about hand-washing (and hand lotion). Rarely have so many had such clean hands!

I will set Stockholm’s longest table with room for all the 37 members of the gallery Blås & Knåda

About Birkemosegård a 130-hectare biodynamic farm. It is beautifully situated in Sjællands Odde on the north-west tip of the island of Zealand.


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