Another CPH Fashion Week

Once again, the Copenhagen Fashion Week highlights the industry’s challenges, both big and small. Challenges that currently include how to navigate with COVID-19 as an ever-variable factor but also how to navigate in a world that, to be honest, does not need a huge amount of new clothes. A world where the fashion industry’s climate footprint is obvious to anyone. But also a world where clothes are, fortunately, still a source of joy and an effective way to express ourselves – and a world where even good clothes eventually wear out, even if we air them out more than we wash them and patch up any holes.

Precisely which clothes bring joy and what we seek to express with what we wear will vary over time – in waves that form new collective trends or as individual changes, brought on by the passing of time and varying life circumstances.

The release date is 30 September, and the theme of this issue is ‘home’.

Summer holidays call for a summer hat.

The beat poet Claus Høxbroe treats us to one of his masterly improvisations.

I have made elderflower fritters – sweet, rich and sinful for anyone minding their calories and...

Recently, Samra Kudsk of Kudsk PR called and invited me to lunch.

I set Stockholm’s longest table with room for all members of the gallery Blås & Knåda


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