When visiting Noyer one enters a welcoming world that smells of wood, oil and cigarette smoke.....
Flowers speak their own poetic language; everyday generalities seem beautiful in the company of a fine bouquet.
A little story about some of the things I cannot help but to catch with my lens.
Epice scarves from the Louisiana shop.
About the family-owned Danish design company Skagerak.
I'm back in Copenhagen after 10 years in Stockholm and I have a visitor, my Swedish friend Cecilia Tivar.
10 years in Stockholm leaves its traces. I love to be in Stockholm and I often go back.
About those of thousands of kilos of clay, which is hand-thrown adjusted, fired, glazed, burned, packed and shipped.
I have photographed the spring campaign 2017 for the Swedish design company Edblad.
Edblad ss17 campaign offers a putluck, where there is room for diversity and always room for one more.
Only the sky is the limit - the ceilings are high in MonkeyGlasses basement office in Copenhagen.
I've been on a trip to Bornholm to talk to Sarah Oakman and Maj-Britt Zelmer Olsen about art and craftmanship.
I am sure that traditions are important, Christmas traditions, as well as other traditions.
I have photographed food blogger Julia Karla for this story, and also for the previous one about citrus fruits and juic…
Crazy about juicing, rich in citrus fruits and elegant, dressed in velvet
In my work with Edblads Christmas campaign 2016 fate lead me to northern Funen.
What I do love most about my job.
Stockholm-Tokyo,-the distance is shorter than what you might think.
In June 2016 the book ’Fiery souls’ (Ildsjæle) was released, the book was written by Birgitte Jacobsen.
I love the Swedish tradition of nursery-gardens.
I have with pleasure spent a night at Mats Persgårdens Bed and breakfast located just outside Grisslehamn in Roslagen.
In October Louisiana managed to win the prestigious price “MUSEuM SHOP OF THE YEAR”
Edblads theme for autumn 2016 is “Velvet,” a theme that contains the extraordinary, rich and glamorous.
These pictures are from the storage-box, taken over a long period of time and for a variety of purposes.
At Edblad a bunch of friends of the house met to eat Sunday brunch.
The theme for Edblads collection of spring 2016 was "body & soul,” healthy living and mental care.
Across the seasons and across the shifting trends ballerina flats that are a staple of every woman's wardrobe.
This Edblad ss2016 series is photographed at Kurhotel Skodsborg.
Artipelag is located 20km east of Stockholm in the beautiful archipelago environment of Värmdö.
There are certainly one thousand good reasons to visit Tuscany. One of them is Andrea Brugi.
Not too much chitchat, just soft tones and pleasurable music. A moodboard with some of my favorite shots.
Christmas mood and New Year's elegance from Edblads design team.
Edblads autumn 2015 lead the theme "Architect" a choice that lies right up the street for Swedish minimalism.
Venngarn castle was one of the first places we searched for a house in Sweden
Orange marmalade from Katrine Klinken.
Tina Ratzer is an educated and trained textile designer and weaver from the Design school Kolding (Designskolen Kolding.
Edblad Highsummer 2015. Flourishing, and popsicles – a mouth-watering collection.
SLOWFASHIOUNhouse in 2013 arranged dinners in collaboration with American Magazine Kinfolk.
Once organic beauty products were a niche with very few products.
Edblad's Spring collection 2015 was inspired by the theme "Traveler"and I travelled far and wide.
The Edblad collection 2014 Christmas and new years theme was ‘Breathe,’ a really lovely Christmas and New Year theme.
For Edblads autumn 2015 I had the pleasure of working with Cecilie Lassen as the campaign model.
A SLOWfashion wardrobe is like a patchwork quilt.
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